Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Favorite Music of 2015 Part 2

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Artist: Alabama Shakes
Album: Sound & Color
Highlights: "Don't Wanna Fight" and "Sound & Color"

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Artist: Amason
Album:  Sky City
Highlights:  "Elefanten" and "Kelly"

Artist:  Ben Folds
Album:  So There
Highlights: "Capable of Anything" and "F10-D-A

Artist:  Death and Vanilla
Album:  Where the Wild Things Are
Highlights:  "California Owls" and "Shadow and Shapes"

Artist:  Delta Rae
Album:  After It All
Highlights:  "My Whole Life Long" and "Run

Artist:  Eskimeaux
Album:  O.K.
Highlights:  "Sparrow," "The Thunder Answered Back," "A Hug To Long," and "Everything You Love"

Artist: Good Lovelies
Album:  Burn The Plan
Highlights:  "Don't Hold Back" and "Into The Dark"

Artist:  Janet Jackson
Album:  Unbreakable
Highlights:  "Well Traveled" and "Gon' Be Alright"

Artist:  Major Lazer
Album:  Peace Is The Mission
Highlights:  "Powerful" and "Too Original"

Artist: Of Monsters and Men
Album:  Beneath The Skin
Highlights:  "Black Water" and "Thousand Eyes"

Artist:  Patrick Watson
Album:  Love Songs For Robots
Highlights;  "Bollywood" and "Turn Into The Noise"

Artist:  San Fermin
Album:  Jackrabbit
Highlights:  "Philosopher," "Jackrabbit," and "Woman In Red"

Artist: Seinabo Sey
Album:  Pretend
Highlights:  "River" and "Younger (Kygo Remix)

Artist:  Summer Twins
Album; Limbo
Highlights:  "Demons" and "Ouija"

Artist:  Susanne Sundfor
Album:  Ten Love Songs
Highlights:  "Silencer" and "Delirious"

Artist:  Twenty One Pilots
Album:  Blurryface
Highlights:  "Stressed Out" and "Tear In My Heart"

Artist:  The Weeknd
Album:  Beauty Behind The Madness
Highlights:  "Earned It" and "The Hills"

Artist:  X Ambassadors
Album:  VHS
Highlights:  "Jungle," "Fear," and "Low Life"

Here are some songs I would like to give a honorable mention to:

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