Sunday, June 19, 2011

Best Music of 2011 So Far

Here is my list of music that I have enjoyed so far this year:

Album: Glee: The Music, Volume 5
Artist: Glee Cast
Highlights: "Thriller / Heads Will Roll," "Don't You Want Me"
Comments: I think I may be the only person in the world that liked the Michael Jackson/ Yeah Yeah Yeahs mash up

Album: La Sera
Artist: La Sera
Highlights: "Never Come Around" "You're Going to Cry"

Album: Born This Way
Artist: Lady Gaga
Highlights: "Born This Way" "Government Hooker" "Judas" "Bloody Mary" "Electric Chapel" "You and I" "The Edge of Glory"
Comments: I couldn't have a list of music of 2011 without mentioning the Gaga. My first reaction to the album was that it was very 1980s and very Catholic, and I wasn't sure if that was a good thing. I have decided that, in fact, it is a good thing. "The Edge of Glory" is a perfectly fun pop song. "Born This Way" is also good, but I am uncomfortable with the use of the word "orient." When "Judas" was first released I thought it was complete crap, but it has grown on me.

Album: Her 12 Faces
Artist: Lanu
Highlights: "Hold Me Down" "Wire" "Roosevelt Blues" "Fall"

Album: Strange Hearts
Artist: Secret Cities
Highlights: "No Pressure" "Portland"

Album: Angles
Artist: The Strokes
Highlights: "Under Cover of Darkness" "Taken For a Fool" "Gratisfaction"
Comments: "Gratisfation" = The Strokes

Albun: Cape Dory
Artist: Tennis
Highlights: "Marathon" "Pigeon"

Ok, after looking over this list I think I have a thing for Indie Pop bands with female singers that make music inspired by the 50s and 60s.

Friday, June 3, 2011

Wikipedia Band Meme

1. Go to the Wikipedia home page. ( It's listed under "Links" to the right)
2. Click random article. That is your band's name.
3. Click random article again. That is your album name.
4. Click random article 15 more times. Those are the tracks on your album.

Band Name: Inachidae
Album Name: Bright Horizons Family Solutions


  1. Ohio State Route 41

  2. Lakkampatti

  3. Charlie Reynolds

  4. Wahkiakum County Ferry

  5. Harikeval Prasad

  6. Full Circle

  7. Cehal

  8. Praejectus

  9. Jiali Plaza

  10. Pius Njawé

  11. Derbyshire County Cricket Club in 1936

  12. Under Fire

  13. Mozart's starling

  14. Andrzej Lampert

  15. Levi Casey