Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Best Music Of 2015...So Far

My favorite music to come out  the first part of this year.

Album: Run
Highlights:  "Fat Face," "Jailbreak," "I Am," "Windows," and " Holy Roller"

Artist: Jamie xx
Album:  In Colour
Highlights:  "Obvs" and "Loud Places"

Artist:  Mark Ronson
Album:  Uptown Special
Highlights:  "Uptown Funk," "Daffodils," and "Leaving Los Feliz"

Artist:  Purity Ring
Album:  another eternity
Highlights:  "heartsigh," "push pull," " repetition," "sea castle," and "stillness in woe"

Artist:  Speedy Ortiz
Album:  Foil Deer
Highlights:  "Puffer," Swell Content," and "Ginger"
I'm the god of the liars!

Artist: Until The Ribbon Breaks
Album:  A Lesson Unlearnt
Highlights:  "A Taste of Silver" and "Romeo"

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