Wednesday, January 22, 2014

The Best Music Of 2013 - Part 2

Part 1 of my list is here.

Click below to see Part 2 of my list of the best music of 2013:

Artist:  Alice Smith
Album:  She
Highlights:  "Ocean" and "The One"

Artist:  Avicii
Album:  True
Highlights:  "Liar Liar" and "Hope There's Someone"
I know "Wake Me Up" is the big hit, but it sounds like an electronic hoedown to me.  Electronic hoedown is something that should not exist.  I like these other songs better. 

Artist:  Cokiyu
Album:  Haku
Highlights:  "Twinkle Way" and "Fluorite"

Artist:  Cold War Kids
Album:  Dear Miss Lonelyhearts
Highlights:  "Bitter Poem" and "Dear Miss Lonelyhearts"
So depressing and so pretty.

Artist:  Daft Punk
Album:  Random Access Memories
Highlights:  "Get Lucky," "Give Life Back To Music," and "Doin' It Right"
Yay! Daft Punk is back!

Artist:  Darkstar
Album:  News From Nowhere
Highlights:  "Light Body Clock Starter" and "Hold Me Down"

Artist:  Haim
Album:  Days Are Gone
Highlights:  "The Wire" and "My Song 5"

Artist:  Jagwar Ma
Album:  Howlin
Highlights:  "What Love" and "Come Save Me"

Artist:  Little Green Cars
Album:  Absolute Zero
Highlights:  "Red and Blue" and "Big Red Dragon"

Artist:  Lorde
Album:  Pure Heroine
Highlights:  "Royals,"  "Buzzcut Season," and "Team"
"Royals" for song of the year!  First Birdy, then Amanda Mair, and now Lorde.  Teenage girls have been killing it the past few years!

Artist:  Lotte Kestner
Album:  The Bluebird Of Happiness
Highlights:  "Wrestler" and "Pairs"

Artist:  Lucius
Album:  Wildewoman
Highlights:  "Two Of Us On The Run" and "Monsters"

Artist:  Maston
Album:  Shadows
Highlights:  "Messages," "Looks," and "Young Hearts"

Artist:  The Neighbourhood
Album:  I Love You.
Highlights:  "Sweater Weather" and "W.D.Y.W.F.M?"

Artist:  On An On
Album:  Give In 
Highlights:  "Every Song" and "Cops"

Artist:  Paris Combo
Album:  5
Highlights:  "Tout Excuse" and "Comptez Sur Moi"

Artist:  Skylar Grey
Album:  Don't Look Down
Highlights:  "Wear Me Out" and "C'mon Let Me Ride"

Artist:  Synne Sanden
Album:  Climbing The Rainbow 
Highlights:  "Climbing The Rainbow"  and "Blood On His Hands"

Artist:  Thundercat
Album:  Apocalypse
Highlights:  "Tenfold" and "Evangelion"

Artist:  Willy Moon
Album:  Here's Willy Moon
Highlights:  "Fire," "Working For The Company," "Railroad Track," and "Yeah Yeah"
"Yeah Yeah"  is that song that has been in every commercial this year.

Honorable mention to these songs:

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