Wednesday, July 3, 2013

The Best Music of 2013 - Part 1

Here's my list of the best music released so far this year.

Artist: Foxygen
Album: We Are the 21st Century Ambassadors of Peace & Magic
Higlights:  "Shuggie" and "Oh Yeah"

Artist:  Jacco Gardner
Album:  Cabinet of Curiosities
Highlights:  "Lullaby," "The Ballad of Little Jane," "Puppets Dangling," and "The Riddle"

Artist:  Jim James
Album:  Regions of Light and Sound of God
Highlights:  "Know Til Now" and "All is Forgiven"

Artist:  Ms Mr
Album:  Secondhand Rapture
Highlights:  "Bones" and "Hurricane"

Artist:  Pillowfight
Album:  Pillowfight
Highlights:  I could list half the songs on the album as highlights because it is all so good.  I will say though that "Get Down" is my current favorite song to get down to.

Artist:  Vampire Weekend
Album:  Modern Vampires of the City
Highlights:  "Diane Young" and "Worship You"

Artist:  Wild Belle
Album:  Isles
Highlights:  "Happy Home," "It's Too Late," "When It's Over," "June," and "Take Me Away"

Artist:  Youngblood Hawke
Album:  Wake Up
Highlights:  "Glacier" and "We Come Running"

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