Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Visual DNA Quiz 

My results:

 Openess - 40% - Your low level of openness suggests that you draw your strength from tradition and familiarity. You are down to earth and prefer clear, straightforward direction to abstract or theoretical thinking.

Conscientiousness - 58% -  You are good at thinking through your actions before acting on an impulse. This helps you to avoid unnecessary stress or trouble, but it can also lead to workaholic and perfectionist extremes.

Extroversion - 15% -   Your low level of extraversion suggests you are likely to be more reserved than other people, enjoy time alone and value maintaining strong relationships with a few close friends.

Agreeableness - 49% - You have a healthy sense of skepticism, and a strong resolve. You don’t shy away from making those tough decisions which can’t please everyone but still need to be made.

Neuroticism - 47% -You are calm, emotionally stable and are less easily upset than people with high levels of neuroticism. But this doesn’t necessarily mean you experience more positive feelings than them.

Outlook: Coolheaded Cool-headed people have very calm dispositions, and tend not to succumb to emotional extremes at all. A thoughtful, measured approach can help anyone to keep a cool head in any situation, but too much emotional stoicism can seem distant and unhelpful to other people. It’s important to be sure that your good intentions and suggestions come across as just that.

 Character: Driven Driven people tend to be concerned primarily with their own needs and desires. They are prepared to work hard on achieving them and always keep their eyes on the prize. You may fall into this category if your single-mindedness sometimes means that you can easily become disinterested in other people if you don’t think they’ll be able to help you achieve your own goals.

Self Control: Determined You keep your cards close to your chest and usually seem very laid back, but you know exactly what’s going on around you. When you take offence at something you may not show it there and then, but you’re likely to seek a way to even the score somehow. Be careful to maintain a sense of proportion and think about how other people might view your actions out of context.

Composure: Measured Measured people have a clear sense of their goals and what they need to do – and focus on – to achieve them. They tend not to be overly affected by external factors and take unexpected changes and opportunities in their stride. It’s crucial to maintain a realistic sense of achievement so you don’t let your ambitions run away with you.

Taste: Homebody You’re very content in your own world, or in the company of a select few other people. People who share this characteristic enjoy simple pleasures in life, and are more likely to look for excitement and adventure in their own heads than by heading out into the wilderness for thrills.

Sociability: Master People with this characteristic can sometimes be a bit competitive when interacting with other people. Also, they value their privacy and sense of respect very highly, so can come across as quite distant and closed off figures. If you recognize this trait in yourself it’s important to think about the different ways of getting what you want from people, and giving them what they want too.

Action: Methodical Methodical people know how to concentrate on any task they’re set and keep focus on it to completion - so focused in fact that it’s impossible to distract them. Your slow and steady approach may frustrate some people, but their concerns will always be allayed when you deliver your work on time and on spec.

Attitude: Disciplined People with disciplined attitudes have strong and firm beliefs about things like society and morality. For them, there is a right way of doing things and a proper way to behave, so they support firm discipline when people step out of line. It sounds like you follow the rules and you expect everyone else to follow them as well.

Process: Organizer Organizers tend to be extremely methodical and diligent in their approach to work. They like to stick to the rules of the game, but this can mean that they lack imagination and creative flair at times. You may prefer structured learning to free thinking and like to have a clear sense of the start, middle and - crucially - end of a project.

Resilience: Practical Practical people are unlikely to be derailed when they come up against difficulties. Rather than focus on any negative emotions that might be thrown up, they prefer to push them aside and focus on concrete actions and problem-solving, that will help them overcome the situation. Having faith in your ability to get through things is key.

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