Sunday, January 27, 2013

Best Music of 2012 part 2

...a month late.  Ooops.  Anyway, click below to see my list of my favorite albums and songs from last year.

Part 1 can be found here

Artist:  Amanda Mair
Album: Amanda Mair
Highlights: "Skinnarviksberget," "What Do You Want," and "You've Been Here Before"

Artist:  Beach House
Album:  Bloom
Highlights:  "The Hours" and "New Year"

Artist:  Big Bad Voodoo Daddy
Album:  Rattle Them Bones
Highlights:  "Diga Diga Do,"  "It's Lonely at the Top," and "Why Me?"
Yes, Big Bad Voodoo Daddy still exists an still makes music and I still listen to them.

Artist:  Bruno Mars
Album:  Unorthodox Jukebox
Highlights:  "Locked Out of Heaven" and "If I Knew"

Artist:  David Bryne & St Vincent
Album:  Love This Giant
Highlights:  "Weekend in the Dust" and "Lightning"

Artist:  Deerhoof
Album:  Breakup Song
Highlights:  "We Do Parties" and "Mario's Flaming Whiskers III"

Artist:  Electric Guest
Album:  Mondo
Highlights:  "The Bait,"  "This Head I Hold," "Troubleman," "American Daydream," and "Waves"
One of my favorite new bands of the year.

Artist:  Fanfarlo
Album:  Rooms Filled With Light
Highlights:  "Feathers" and "Dig"

Artist:  Frankie Rose
Album:  Interstellar
Highlights:  "Gospel/Grace" and "Had We Had It"

Artist:  Grasscut
Album:  Unearth
Highlights:  "Pieces," "Stone Lions," and "We Fold Ourselves"
Don't let that annoying K-Mart commercial ruin everything.

Artist:  Howler
Album:  America Give Up
Highlights:  "Back of Your Neck" and "Black Lagoon"

Artist:  Ke$ha
Album:  Warrior
Highlights:  "Only Wanna Dance With You" and "Dirty Love"
I am surprised that there are Kesha songs that I actually like.

Artist: Lianne La Haves
Album:  Is Your Love Big Enough?
Highlights:  "Age," "Forget," and "Is Your Love Big Enough?"

Artist: Lonely Drifter Karen
Album: Poles
Highlights:  "Soul Traveler," "Velvet Rope," "Brand New World," and "Hunters to Heaven's Wild"

Artist:  Lucy Michelle and the Velvet Lapelles
Album:  Heat
Highlights:  "Catacombs," "Undone," and "Hold My Breath"
Best or worst band name?

Artist:  Melody's Echo Chamber
Album:  Melody's Echo Chamber
Highlights:  "You Won't Be Missing That Part," "I Follow You," and "Bisou Magique"

Artist:  Metric
Album:  Synthetica
Highlights:  "Breathing Underwater"  and "Lost Kitten"

Artist:  Mi & L'au
Album:  If Beauty Is a Crime
Highlights:  "If Beauty is a Crime,"  "Faces," "Silk," "Territory is an Animal," and "Limouzine"

Artist:  Micachu and The Shapes
Album:  Never
Highlights:  "You Know," "Waste," and "Nowhere"
Really weird and really catchy

Artist: Muse
Album:  The 2nd Law
Highlights:  "Supremacy," "Survival,"  and "Unsustainable"
Muse's performance of "Survival" at the Olympics featured the most bad-ass choir ever.  Still upset NBC didn't air this.

Artist:  Neon Trees
Album:  Picture Show
Highlights:  "Moving in the Dark" and " Everyone Talks"

Artist:  No Doubt
Album:  Push and Shove
Highlights:  "Settle Down," "Looking Hot," "Push and Shove," "Heaven," and "Sparkle"
It might have had too many mid-tempo songs that blended together and not enough Ska and Rock, but it's No Doubt and I missed them, so I forgive them.

Artist:  Parlovr
Album:  Kook Soul
Highlights: "Not That Your Gone," "It Only Happens to the Ones in Love," and "Just Marriage"

Artist:  Porcelain Raft
Album:  Strange Weekend
Highlights:  "Shapeless & Gone," "Is It To Deep For You?," and "Unless You Speak From Your Heart"

Artist:  Simone White
Album:  Silver Silver
Highlights:  "What The Devil Brings" and "Every Little Now and Then"

Artist:  Wax Tailor
Album:  Dusty Rainbow from the Dark
Highlights:  "Dusty Rainbows" and "Down In Flames"
The Instrumental version of the album is pretty good too.

Artist:  The xx
Album:  Coexist
Highlights:  "Angels" and "Reunion"

And here are some songs that I think deserve a honorable mention:

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