Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Best Music of 2011 part 2

Since it's already Febuary 2012, this might be a little late.  Oh well.  Here's part 1

Album: Mister Sam Presents the Bandana Splits
Artist: The Bandana Splits
Highlights:  "Ricky Dee," "My Love," and "Chemistry
A group with a cutesy 1950's girl group vibe.

Album: Verdugo Hills
 Artist: Caroline
Highlights: "Gone" and "Pink Gloom"

Album: lovestrong.
Artist: Christina Perri
Highlights: "Jar of Hearts" and "Mine"
"Jar of Hearts" is my favorite break up song of the year.

Album: His Young Heart EP
Artist: Daughter
Highlights: "Landfill" and "Daughter"

Album: Here's To Nowhere
Artist: Mesita
Highlights: "Off the Map" and "Lone Wolf"

Album: Gone Blind EP
Artist: Porcelain Raft
Highlights: "Despite Everything" and "Talk to Me"

Album: Charlatans At The Garden Gate
Artist: Tristen
Highlights: "Avalance" and "Doomsday"

Album: Cannibal Courtship
Artist: Dengue Fever
Highlights:  "Cement Slippers," "Family Business," and "Thank You Goodbye"
Funny lyrics paired with fun party music is a good combination.

Album: Cults
Artist: Cults
Highlights: "You Know What I Mean," "Never Heal Myself," and "Never Saw The Point"
Goes with my obsession with bands influenced by the  1960s with female singers I mentioned in part 1.

Album: In Light
Artist: Givers
Highlights: "Up Up Up," "Meantime," and "Alantic"

Honorable mention to these songs:

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